Right of Belief

Pillar #2

Those we elect to serve us in civil government must respect and defend our right of belief and freedom of religion.

In recent years, Members of Parliament have had many opportunities to stand unified in defense of the Charter Rights of Canadians but have failed to do so.

During that same period, many parliamentarians have supported the use of their ‘Section One’ Charter authority to pass laws that unreasonably limit our freedoms as Canadians.

One example is the recent passing of euthanasia laws here in Canada.

Policy Proposals:

Conscience Rights of Protection For Medical Professionals

Parliament had an opportunity to show leadership and stand in defence of the Conscience Rights of Medical Professionals when the law was passed. However, they instead chose to leave it to provincial government leaders to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals who were not able to participate because of their deeply held religious beliefs.

Provincial government leaders failed to do so.

This failure of leadership has been a great concern to many Canadians so we ask our friends in the Conservative Party and the CPC Leadership Election Candidates to commit now to introducing and supporting a legislative proposal that would provide Comprehensive Conscience Rights Protection for Medical Professionals.

Note: At the 2018 Policy Convention of the Conservative Party of Canada, party members passed (with a clear majority) a motion in support of conscience rights for doctors, nurses, medical professionals and others to refuse to participate in or refer patients for abortions, assisted suicide or euthanasia.

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