Parental Authority

Pillar #1

Parents Have The Right To Raise Their Children The Way They Want

As parents in Canada, we all have this in common. We want the very best for our children.

We also know and love our children in a way that civil government could never replicate.

That is why we believe it is important that civil government respects parents and their right to raise their children the way they want.

Policy Proposals:

The Parents Bill of Rights

As an expression of our shared view that parents have the right to raise their children the way they want, we seek a commitment from CPC Leadership Candidates to support the introduction of the Parental Authority Protection Act (Parents Bill of Rights).

This ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ will protect a parent’s right:

  1. To pass on their religion to their children.
    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to freedom of conscience and religion. Parents in Canada reserve the right to pass on the teachings of their faith to their children, even when political leaders disagree with their views on societal and cultural issues.
  2. To instill their values in their children.
    From the earliest days of our nation, Canadian parents have taught their children values, morality and virtue. Parents have the right to shape the character of their children and teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. Not civil government.
  3. To choose their children’s school.
    Parents know that each child is different, and each family is different. Parents reserve the right to decide how, what and where their children learn. Whether it is at public school, private or charter school, or through home school programs.
  4. To retain authority to decide what their children are exposed to and who has access to them.
    It is becoming more common for parent’s to be required to forfeit their authority to decide what their children will be exposed to while at school and who will have access to them. The parent’s ‘permission slip’ has been replaced by the ‘request to opt out’ form, completely transferring the authority of parents over to the state. Parents do not want to be forced to forfeit their authority as a prerequisite to accessing the services of taxpayer funded schools and education programs.
  5. To protect their children’s health.
    Civil government representatives have systematically given authority to young children to make life-altering medical decisions regarding contraception, abortion and gender transition – all without the knowledge or consent of parents. Young children do not often understand the consequences of these decisions and we must empower parents, not children and representatives of civil government to decide what is best.

The Child Protection Pornography Act

Another expression of support for Parents we seek from CPC Leadership Election Candidates, is for the Child Protection Pornography Act.

The Conservative Party of Canada Membership has long acknowledged research which recognizes that pornography is a public health risk to children and adults and we have always supported policies and laws that protect children.

That is why we believe that this legislative proposal represents ‘Common Ground’ we share as it would prevent adults in trust relationships with children, from exposing them to sexually graphic materials and pornography.

This act would define as an offence and increase penalties for the sharing, transmission, conveyance or communication of sexually graphic material or pornography from a person who is (not the parent of the child) and is in a trust relationship with the child.

Bring Back Income Splitting

This goal we all have in common. The desire for Canada to be the best country in the world in which to raise a family – and – to see the maximum amount of money possible in the hands of parents.

Enabling parents to decide how to spend their money and raise their children.

One way that goal can be achieved is, to once again, give couples the ability to split their income for tax purposes. Many parents in Canada saw this as a valuable benefit to them and greatly contributed to the well-being of their families.

We therefore seek a commitment from CPC Leadership Candidates to bring back income splitting for couples at the earliest possible opportunity.

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