Our Children and Future Generations

Pillar #4

It is inappropriate for civil government to heap debt upon the backs of our children and future generations.

Governments in Canada at all levels, continue to spend more money than they receive from taxpayers creating debt that our children and future generations will one day have to pay for through excessive taxation.


Policy Proposals:

Find 4 - First Year

Our current Liberal government appears to have no limit to the amount of debt they are willing to bury our children under.

That is why we are asking our CPC Leadership Election Candidates to commit to immediately upon forming government, directing all Conservative Cabinet Ministers to halt the Liberal trend of reckless spending and Find 4 Percent in savings in their department budgets within the 1st year.

We acknowledge that this is an aggressive goal given the dangerous trajectory that this Liberal Government has placed our nation on. However, we must reign in spending and begin travelling down the long road of removing the burden of excessive taxation from the backs of our children and future generations.

Note: We are proposing that one department is exempt from this directive. Veterans Affairs.

Grateful Canadians Monuments Fund

Canadians honour the sacrifices that the men and women of our Armed Forces have made to defend the freedoms we have as citizens of Canada and we will ensure that this department of government is funded to the degree that is required to meet their needs.

In addition to providing ongoing support to our Veterans here in Canada, we are seeking support from CPC Leadership Election Candidates for the establishment of a new funding program of the federal government called the, “Grateful Canadians Monuments Fund.”

There are so many more stories of patriotism, courage, selflessness and sacrifice yet to be told by Veterans of our Canadian Armed Forces – and many Canadians want to have an opportunity to help them tell those stories by supporting new monument projects.
As part of this funding program, grateful Canadians who appreciate how precious their freedoms are and how high the price was that paid for them, will now have an opportunity to donate to this fund and earn a tax receipt for a portion of their contribution.

Value for Money - The CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has a long history of great service to Canadians from coast to coast to coast and we thank all the hard-working employees who have dedicated so much time and energy to the great work of the organization.
However, many Canadians do not believe that all the services of the CBC are delivering adequate value for their taxpayer-money invested.

Many more Canadians believe that the CBC has become completely divorced from any understanding of their community and what their media preferences are. This is perhaps why many Canadians have chosen to limit their individual and family’s access to the services of CBC and have made other media choices.

Having said this, we acknowledge and support the present goals of CBC/Radio-Canada that focus on delivering to Canadians predominantly Canadian programming services in both official languages, reflecting the multicultural and multi-ethnic nature of Canada, including Indigenous peoples, supports Canadian creators and producers and are accessible and discoverable in Canada and abroad.

We do not however believe that at this time the organization is capable of delivering predominantly Canadian programming that reflects all Canadians across the country – and – can deliver to taxpayers the high-quality and reliable news and information required to meet their needs and expectations.

We ask CPC Leadership Election Candidates to commit to ensuring the continuation of CBC and the long history of great service to Canadians. However, ask that you also launch a complete review of the services of CBC and the restructure the organization so that it is a more attractive choice in the market place and more effectively meets the needs of all Canadians.

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