4 Pillar Test

The 4 Pillar Test

We accept that governments need help at times operating within the limits of their authority and the mandate they have been given. The ‘4 Pillar Test’ will help all parliamentarians fulfill their obligations to the citizens they serve.

We ask CPC Leadership Election Candidates to commit while in opposition and upon forming Government, to supporting the mandatory use of the ‘4-Pillar Test’ for all existing and new policies and legislative proposals.

This ‘tool of responsible governance,’ will also be defined in the Prime Ministerial Mandate Letters to members of Cabinet and will clearly require Cabinet to hold all existing policies and new legislative proposals of their departments up against the principles represented by these, ‘4 Pillars’:

  1. That the right of Canadian Parents to raise their children the way they want is respected.
  2. That the individual right of belief of all Canadians is being respected & defended.
  3. That the safety and security of the all the citizens, especially the vulnerable among is maintained.
  4. That the burden of debt is being lowered for children and future generations of Canadians.

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