4 Pillar Policy Proposals

4 Pillar Policy proposals

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The 4 Pillars:

Parental Authority

Parents have the right to raise their children the way they want

Parents just wanted to be free to raise their children with the same values and in the same faith tradition. That was all. So simply expressed but clearly a priority to those who responded. A desire to raise your children the way you want.

Right of Belief

Those We elect to serve Us in civil government Must respect and defend our right of belief and freedom of religion.

Again, so simply put, but of such great importance to those who participated in the surveys. And it was interesting that leaders really felt, that those elected to serve us, MUST respect and defend our right of belief and freedom of religion.

Not “should” but rather MUST.

Protection for the Vulnerable

The laws and policies of civil government must provide for the safety and security of the citizens, especially the vulnerable that live among us in our communities.

So, the laws and policies of government, at the very least, must check the box of being safe, and provide for the security of ALL citizens, but ESPECIALLY the vulnerable among us.

People like the homeless, drug addicted, the shut-in elderly and the lonely. The young girl who is told by her doctor she is pregnant. People who feel as though there’s no hope. The people that are frustrated by mobility challenges or chronic conditions.

All of these citizens must FIRST be protected by ANY policy or laws that is passed by civil

Our Children and Future Generations

It is inappropriate for civil government to heap debt upon the backs of our children and future generations.

So, spending money today, calling it an investment in our children’s future, when what it really is, is structural debt that will carry an interest rate long into the life of our kids, is unacceptable fiscal policy.

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