MP Report Card

The 4 Pillar MP Report Card

While in Opposition and upon forming government, we also ask CPC Leadership Election Candidates to, within 10 days of the last sitting day of parliament before each summer break, publish and distribute to Parliamentarians and their constituents the, ‘4 Pillar MP Report Card.’

This MP Report Card will grade each parliamentarian from all political parties on their individual performance over the past year. Parliamentarians will have to demonstrate by their actions, their personal understanding, appreciation and support for the principles of these ‘4 Pillars’:
  1. That parents have the right to raise their children the way they want.
  2. That as parliamentarians they must respect and defend all citizen’s right of belief and freedom of religion.
  3. That the policies and laws of civil government provides for the safety and security of all citizens, especially the vulnerable among us, and,
  4. That it is inappropriate for civil government to heap debt upon the backs of children and future generations.

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