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Why We Care. Why We Vote. Why We Stand.

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We Stand

Now is the time

Operation Engage

An Introduction

Our Canadian Federal Government, which is established by processes that are political, has the power to make decisions that will impact the lives of our neighbour in either a positive, or a negative way.

That is why we care. That is why we vote. That is why we stand.

And now is the time.

The time has come when we can choose to stand for what we believe in and ‘Engage’ in the conversations about what is best for our neighbour, our families, and our nation.

Or, we could sit silently by while others who do not share our views and values make those decisions alone.

Add your voice to ours and ‘Engage’ in this political process. Add your voice to ours and millions of others who want to see our neighbours and our nation prosper.

Our goals

What We Hope To achieve Together

Dialogue Your Faith Issues

To open dialogue with our fellow Conservative Party Members on the issues
that matter most to us as members of the faith communities of Canada.


Share Your Priorities

To share with fellow Conservative Party of Canada members our perspective on Leadership platform priorities.

Identify Common Ground

To identify the common ground we share with fellow conservative party
members on the issues of the day.


Move Forward

To move forward to the next federal election unified with our friends in the Conservative Party of Canada.

Our Common Ground Platform

What We Stand For

Parental Authority

Parents have the right to raise their children the way they want.

Right Of Belief

Those we elect to serve us in civil government must respect and defend our right of belief and freedom of religion.

Protection for the Vulnerable

The laws and policies of civil government must provide for the safety and security of the citizens, especially the vulnerable.

Our Children and Future Generations

It is inappropriate for civil government to heap debt upon the backs of our children and future generations.

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